The European Union

As the process of leaving the European Union progresses, I will keep consitutents updated by posting links to various statements and articles here. 

I campaigned and voted to remain, but the reality is that from the moment the result was announced the United Kingdom was on a course to leave the European Union. Since then, I have been fighting to make the inevitable Brexit work as well as possible for the country, Wimbledon and London. This is what I will continue to do on behalf of my constituents.

As ever, I am always happy to hear from you on this or any other matter. Please feel free to write to me at the House of Commons, or email me on


09/02/2017 - Brexit Early February Update

03/02/2017 - My speech on the second reading of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawral) Bill

26/01/2017 - Why I will vote to trigger Article 50

17/01/2017 - The Prime Minister's Brexit Negotiation Objectives

27/06/2016 - Statement following the Referendum Result

14/06/2016 - Why I am voting "Remain"