Supporting local businesses

I am passionate about helping small businesses thrive. They are at the heart of our local economy and are responsible for nearly half the job creation in the UK. I am proud of our record in supporting them and can assure you of the Government’s determination to go further and back small businesses to the hilt.

Corporation tax which has already been cut to 20 per cent will be cut again to 19 per cent in April 2017 and 18 per cent in April 2020. The Employment Allowance which cuts employer’s National Insurance bills and makes it cheaper for them to take on staff will also increase to £3,000 next year. 760,000 more businesses were created during the last Parliament which is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of so many Great Britons. However, I want to see many more created over the coming years.

Small businesses have been able to get cash grants to take on an apprentice and £10 billion of red tape was cut during the last Government. However, we are not stopping there and are not standing still. A new Enterprise Bill will ensure we are the best place in Europe to do business and another £10 billion of regulation will be cut during this Parliament. To help small businesses manage disputes, particularly over pate payment, a Small Business Conciliation Service will be established.

The Prime Minister has set a target of 600,000 new business starts a year by 2020, which I fully support and I hope we can see even more fantastic small businesses set up locally, particularly in the tech-sector. 

I have set up a short on-line business survey and I would love to hear the views of local businesses. You can fill in the survey at

I believe it is essential to hear directly from local businesses so I can continue to work hard for you and ensure Wimbledon remains a fantastic place to do business.

I am also planning on holding a Wimbledon-wide business breakfast on Monday 30th November with a Government Minister. If you would like to attend, there is a question in the on-line survey where you can register your interest.