Brexit Update 25/3/19

This will be a decisive week in Westminster and things will move incredibly quickly. I am very well aware of the number of signatures on the “Revoke Article 50” petition, which reflects the fact Wimbledon voted 71% to remain.

Throughout the week I will try to update my website each day for my constituents, with the latest news and to explain my actions.

I want to make clear that I still regard ‘No Deal’ as an unacceptable outcome. That is why I voted to extend Article 50 last week and that is why I continue to support the Withdrawal Agreement. You can see my full reasons for supporting the Withdrawal Agreement here.

If the Withdrawal Agreement is not approved in the next few days then it is highly likely there will be some form of “indicative votes” with MPs choosing between various options.

There is a risk with these '"indicative votes" that no single option gets a majority. Therefore the House of Commons must get behind a single credible option to avoid ‘No Deal’ and a ‘Hard Brexit’. I will be working with colleagues from all sides of the House to find this option and I rule nothing out.

Finally, you can find my previous Brexit updates here.