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Brexit - this week's votes

Yesterday with a heavy heart I pushed my New Clause 18 to the Trade Bill to a vote. This is a decision I agonised over and took no pleasure in making. My amendment did not pass, but I will continue to represent my constituents by fighting to protect jobs and the economy.

Heathrow Airport Expansion

The House of Commons has been asked to approve the expansion of Heathrow Airport in principle.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Meaningful Votes

For the past two weeks I have been working closely with Dominic Grieve QC MP and other colleagues to try to reach an agreement with the Government to secure a meaningful vote in the event of no deal.

Update on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – Day 2

I am pleased that the Government’s concessions on refugee rights, environmental standards were approved today in the House of Commons. This is a result of a significant amount of work behind the scenes.

Update on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – Day 1

Today was the first of two days the House of Commons will consider the House of Lords’ amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

It has been a frantic day and I have had countless conversations with colleagues and the Government all day.

Abortion in Northern Ireland

Abortion remains a highly sensitive issue, regardless of what your view is. It is important that the matter is considered with due care and sensitivity.

Syria Military Action

I know many of you will share my horror at the chemical attack in Douma, Syria on Saturday 7th April. The images of suffering children and devastated families were horrific.

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

I have always said that while there was a vote to leave the European Union, we were not told how we should leave the European Union.