Conservative Party Leadership

I backed Matt Hancock in the first round and after he withdrew from the race I have spoken to all the candidates in the final four to ask them about their Brexit and domestic policies. I am reassured that none of them want ‘No Deal’ and it is clear that Parliament will not allow this to happen. I am also reassured that all candidates have ideas for our country beyond Brexit.

I believe all the candidates have qualities that would enable them to succeed as Prime Minister.

However, I have decided not to declare for whom I am voting in these latter stages, not even to the candidates.

It is very important to me that I am able to work constructively with whomever is our next Prime Minister. I believe that keeping my intentions private is the best way I can help our new Prime Minister unite our country and the Conservative Party, and to continue to represent the people of Wimbledon.

As ever, I am very happy to hear from constituents about this or any other matter. Do email me on