Crossrail 2 March Update

Crossrail 2 is potentially the most significant local development for a generation, and will have an impact on residents across Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Motspur Park and Wimbledon Village.

Last year Crossrail 2 consulted on route options, some of which would have devastated our Town Centre. You can read my response to the consultation here.

A further consultation on the preferred new route option, was planned for November last year, but when this deadline appeared to be slipping, I asked a Prime Minister’s Question in the House of Commons and found the consultation was to be delayed until a business case was submitted to the Government by TfL.

This business case has now been submitted and I have also submitted written questions to the Secretary of State for Transport to ask what their timescale is for considering it, and when they expect to hold the next consultation. I have received replied which you can read here and here – but they do not tell us much. I expect we will hear more about the next consultation and route option in June or July.

The Government’s insistence for a business case shows they are concerned about the costs and benefits of the project. However, it is my view that the project is more likely than not to go ahead.

When the consultation is held, I will do everything I can to publicise it and I will ensure that local residents’ voices are heard.