Crossrail 2 Meeting

Last Thursday, I organised a meeting for local residents with TfL and Network Rail to discuss the safeguarding proposals for Crossrail 2. The meeting was incredibly popular and I am sorry if you were unable to make it inside the hall. Unfortunately, with short notice given by TFL, we were unable to secure a venue with larger capacity.

Prior to the meeting, I secured agreement to extend the consultation deadline. I am pleased that so many people got the chance to ask questions and make their points. I am also grateful to those that have also written to me since the meeting expressing both their support and concern.

During the meeting, it was explained that we were in the preliminary stages of the process and the broad parameters within which the line might pass were still being established. The results of the current consultation and any post-General Election spending review will inform the next stage. This will allow a final route to be drawn up and presented to local residents for consultation. At this stage I will organise a further public meeting so local residents can put questions to the route planners at both TfL and Network Rail.

Although the original consultation should have been sent to everyone within the 200m safeguarding limit (with an adequate time period in which to respond), I think it was clear that this process had not happened in an appropriate manner. Prior to the next stages, I will be speaking and writing to both TfL and Network Rail. I will ask them to ensure that residents get the right documentation, answered emails and dedicated telephone lines.


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