Development News

Two local sites are likely to apply for planning permission in the near future:

The Rainbow site in Raynes Park has had several controversial plans over the last five years, most of which have met with much local opposition. The current plan is a mixed use site with some light industrial/office space plus residential blocks of flats. It is now believed that the plans conform to the local planning guidelines. However, several questions remain about amount of traffic, the need for extra local infrastructure and the height of residential units. I have met with the developers to discuss these matters, and as I have previously opposed some of the plans for this site, I am seeking reassurance about these matters. If the plan meets with LBM guidelines and is passed, then I will continue to work hard to get the best outcome for local residents.

Secondly, The Dairy Crest, Builder’s Merchant and Safe Store site on Gap Road will soon be seeking outline planning permission for their site and last week I discussed proposals with the businesses.

They have a similar proposed mix of light industrial/flexible office plus residential units of terrace houses and flats. I think there are several issues with this site. Given the recent development on Plough Lane and the proposed redevelopment of the Stadium, there will need to be investment in local infrastructure (e.g. schools and a GP service), and there was a time when at least part of the site could have been used for a new school. Finally, I believe the site is likely to be protected for the Crossrail 2 and that would prevent any development for some time. I will keep you informed on this matter.