Harris Wimbledon Free School

The Government’s free school policy is bringing hope and choice across London as well as raising standards.

I am delighted that Wimbledon will have a new free school and that Harris will be the sponsor. I look forward to working with them.

However the key to success for the new school must be the site. As I oppose the Labour Council’s destruction of adult education and believe it must be saved; there must be no suggestion that the new school be sited on the Whatley Road site. The Labour Council must now come clean and say where it will site the school

Harris Wimbledon Free School

The highly successful and popular Harris Federation will open a new secondary school in Wimbledon for 1,150 pupils in 2016. The school will set the same high standards for teaching and pupil behaviour that are found across the trust and will specialise in both enterprise and languages, including Latin.

A recent report by The Sutton Trust found that, compared with other academy chains, Harris has the highest proportion of disadvantaged students achieving at least 5 good GCSEs, including English and maths.