UPDATED - Climate Change

At the ‘Time is Now’ climate lobby, one of the issues which was raised with me were reports that the VAT on solar panels was to be increased from 5% to 20%. I have written to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to ask whether these reports are accurate.

I have also have investigated the Environment Bill and the briefing documents sent through to me by constituents.

I have written to the Secretary of State for the Environment to make the following points about the Environment Bill.

  • The watchdog should be entirely independent and have “teeth” to effectively enforce environmental law, particularly relating to emissions.
  • The environmental principles in the draft Bill are weaker than those in EU law. I noted I was under the impression that the Government’s stated aim was to ensure the UK strengthens environmental standards and laws, rather than weakening them, as we leave the EU.
  • That the targets in the second part of the Bill should be able to be measured against objective targets.
  • I sent the Secretary of State a copy of the Wildlife and Countryside Link’s pre-legislative scrutiny submission on the Bill.

Finally, concerns over National England’s funding and ability to meet its statutory duties were raised with me. I have raised these with the Secretary of State too.

Attached below are some responses to my letters. 


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