Vineyard Hill Road Surgery

Many people in Wimbledon Park will have been surprised last week to receive a letter from NHS England saying that Dr Jones and Dr Provost were to retire and the surgery close. I firstly want to express my thanks to both Dr Provost and Dr Jones for their care and hard work over the last quarter century.

Looking to the future the letter laid out two options. Either, NHS England would procure a new surgery (which might take up to a year) or residents could register with another surgery. There are over 5400 people registered with Vineyard Hill Rd Surgery and there is not another option in Wimbledon Park.

I have already met with local councillors and the local Residents Association to discuss possible solutions. We have decided to hold a public open meeting on Tuesday 4th November, 7.30pm at Wimbledon Park Hall, 170 Arthur Road, SW19 8AQ to allow everyone to hear from NHS England and question them. I will also meet personally with NHS England to stress the need for proper medical care for Wimbledon Park.

I encourage everyone who has received a letter to return it and to vote for Option One.