Woodman Pub Update

Last week along with Cllr Oonagh Moulton and Cllr Linda Taylor I met Goldcrest, who have bought the Woodman Pub site.

We made the point that the initial lack of information about the purchase and their intentions was unhelpful, and led to rumours surrounding the fate of the pub.

At the meeting they confirmed that they will be re-opening the pub after renovating it. This is very welcome news, as there was a worry that the pub itself will be closed permanently. The renovations will aim to make the pub more family friendly and "restore it to its former glory". 

Goldcrest already own 208 Durnsford Road, and they to put several good sized family houses on the rest of the site and possibly some small studios on the Durnsford Road end of the site.

There will be a public consultation as soon as the plans are complete, and there a letter will going out to residents from Goldcrest explaining what their intentions are. You can see a copy of this letter below.

We will continue to do everything I can to keep you up to date with this.


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