Raynes Park and Motspur Park Station

I was very disappointed to learn that Raynes Park and Motspur Park stations were not chosen to receive accessibility funding from the Department for Transport.

Indicative Votes - 1st April

Tonight’s Indicative Votes

Once again, the House of Commons had the chance to vote on a series of options relating to Brexit. Below is a summary of how I voted.


I voted for the following options.


Common Market 2.0

How I voted on the Indicative Votes

Thank you to everyone who has written in with their views on today’s indicative votes. These are momentous times and if there is one positive it is that so many people are engaged with democracy and the political process right now.

Brexit Update - 26th March 2019

Yesterday the House of Commons voted to take control of tomorrow's Parliamentary business to pave the way for “indicative votes”, which will allow MPs to choose between various options.

Brexit Update 25/3/19

This will be a decisive week in Westminster and things will move incredibly quickly. I am very well aware of the number of signatures on the “Revoke Article 50” petition, which reflects the fact Wimbledon voted 71% to remain.

Brexit Update - Mid March 2019

Last week was another chaotic and momentous week in Westminster. As ever, I wanted to provide you with an update on my work and my views. I apologise for the length of this update, but there is much to cover.


The Withdrawal Agreement

Statement Wednesday 13th March

Tonight the Government Whips asked me to vote against the motion, as amended, to reject ‘No Deal’.

I could not do this as I regard ‘No Deal’ as a disaster. Therefore I abstained, despite being a Government Minister.

Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement - 12th March

In December last year I set out why I was going to vote for the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. This statement is below, and my thinking remains the same.

Brexit Update - February 2019

I have always argued that a ‘Hard Brexit’ and ‘No Deal’ are not acceptable outcomes from the Brexit process.