Meeting with Wimbledon scientists in Parliament

This week I met with Professor Alberto Ferro, a Clinical Pharmacologist at King’s College London as well as a Consultant Physician at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals to talk about how scientific evidence can be used by policy makers.

Upcoming High path Consultation Events

I just wanted to let you know about a number of upcoming consultation events where Circle Housing will present the latest masterplan for the High Path. They will all take place at the Elim Pentecostal Church, 59 High Path, SW19 2JL

Crossrail 2 Consultation Postponed

I am very concerned that the latest consultation on Crossrail 2 has not begun yet, so last week I asked a Prime Minister’s question on the topic, and this morning I spoke to the Managing Director of Crossrail 2 who has confirmed that there will be no consultation or revised route options publishe

Crossrail 2 October Update

Last week I spoke to Michele Dix, the Chief Executive of Crossrail 2 and Chris Curtis, the Head of Crossrail 2 at Network Rail. As ever, I wanted to give you a quick update on what was discussed.

Schools Admissions Code Adjournment Debate

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about my Adjournment debate on summerborn and premature schools admissions, and everyone who watched the debate so late in the evening.

Reporting Back - September 2016

September Community Email

Welcome to my September community email, I do hope you have all enjoyed a great summer.  

The Boundary Review

Balfour and Cecil Roads

A number of residents in Balfour and Cecil Roads have been in touch with me to express their confusion over what action Merton Council are, and are not taking, to stop rat running through the roads.


Last week the Chairman of the Conservative Party launched a new video featuring Prime Minster Theresa May supporting Women2Win's campaign to elect more Conservative women to Parliament.

The Boundary Review

 In September the Boundary Commission released their initial proposals for the new constituency boundaries. Their goal is to reduce the number of MPs by 50, and make the number of people living in each constituency more equal.