Crossrail 2 July Update


Following my meeting with Michele Dix, Managing Director of Crossrail 2 recently, and other discussions with the Crossrail team, I wanted to provide you with a quick update. Last week I asked the Secretary of State for Transport to ensure residents are properly consulted regarding Crossrail 2, you can read his response here.


Response to Issues Raised Report

Today Crossrail 2 have published a report entitled Response to Issues Raised. This reflects upon the ideas brought forward during the consultation, including confirming those which will and won’t be investigated further. You can read the full report here, or just the Wimbledon sections on my website here. 

At this point Crossrail 2 feel unable to commit to any one solution for our area, and so the report primarily only tells us what investigations they are undertaking and what concerns the previous consultation has raised.

The report states they are considering in depth a number of potential solutions for our area, including a tunnel for the fast trains or a reconfiguration of the station. I am also pleased that specific concerns in the Raynes Park and Motspur Park areas about noise, traffic and level crossings are receiving attention. 

Next consultation in autumn

Crossrail 2 still expect to publish their new route option in the autumn, alongside a new consultation. At this point I will do everything I can to publicise the consultation, as well as holding another public meeting with the Crossrail 2 team in Wimbledon. 

Whilst I want to find out what the new plans are for Wimbledon as soon as possible, I am pleased to see that Crossrail 2 are taking our concerns very seriously and are putting significant time and resource into considering alternative routes. One criticism of the previous consultation was that it seemed rushed and that it lacked detail, so I hope that the work put in at this stage will mean the new consultation does not suffer these flaws. 

Finally, I have put together a series of useful links about Crossrail 2 and its impact on Wimbledon on my website here. You can also keep up to date with my work on this and other local issues by following me on TwitterFacebook and by signing up to the dedicated Crossrail 2 website I set up with your local Conservative Councillors.


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