Save Wimbledon Police Station - Today’s High Court Ruling

I welcome today’s High Court judgement on the closure of Wimbledon Police Station as it continues to highlight this important issue and I thank all those involved for their efforts. But local Conservatives remain concerned as this ruling will not keep the police station open. We therefore urge residents to support our ongoing campaign for Merton Council to buy Wimbledon Police Station and lease it back to the police.

This morning’s legal judgement does not require the consultation to be re-run; there can simply be a decision on whether there is a need to postpone the closure, pending any evaluation of the new technology behind the scenes. Labour’s London Mayor is not going to change his mind and admit he was wrong to close the police station as a result of this ruling.

We hope the local community will use this result to come together and push for Merton’s Labour Council to reverse their refusal to buy the Police station and lease it back to the police which seems to us the best way to ensure the station actually stays open. We cannot rely on Sadiq Khan to do the right thing – his previous decision let down the Wimbledon community badly.

If you continue to support our campaign to Save Wimbledon Police Station please sign our petition and share it with your family, friends and neighbours.

The Conservatives remain the only Party with a costed plan to actually keep the Wimbledon Police Station open.