Schools Admissions Code Adjournment Debate

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about my Adjournment debate on summerborn and premature schools admissions, and everyone who watched the debate so late in the evening.

I am glad that the Government is still committed to changing the Schools Admissions Code to help summerborn children reach their full potential. However along with many parents, I am disappointed that the Minister was unable to set out a timetable for the consultation and changes.

The Minister also raised the question of costs. As I said, it is my understanding from talking to headteachers in my area that while there would be a cost movement between years, there would not be much of an overall cost increase. Furthermore, I would like to think that the reduction in inappropriate Special Educational Needs diagnoses resulting from children being in the most appropriate year group would help reduce costs.

I will continue to press the Minister on this and I will be writing to him soon to ask for more information his analysis of the costs of this policy.

Finally, you can read the full debate here.