Visit to St Helier Hospital with the Secretary of State

On the first official day of the General Election campaign, I joined Jeremy Hunt at St Helier Hospital to meet staff and patients.

We saw dedicated staff delivering high quality care to patients. However, the hospital estate itself is in need of investment and improvement. For example, thousands of pounds a week is spent on an ambulance to transport patients around the estate because the old lifts are not big enough for some hospital beds.

I know how important St Helier Hospital is to our area, and that's why I will continue to work with the local NHS to ensure it gets the investment and improvements it needs.

Jeremy said: "St Helier has made huge strides in recent years and I was delighted to hear more about the progress and plans for the future. There is no question that St Helier hospital is here to stay, but we do need a plan for improving the facilities and the services on which local people rely. So it was great to see how our local Conservative candidates are working with the local NHS to deliver a vision for St Helier and I look forward to hearing more about it if I am back as Health Secretary."